Care & Use



Caring properly for your wood or bamboo products will ensure a lifetime of use.

Hand wash only and never put wood or bamboo in the dishwasher. Use warm water and soap to wipe and wash. Never soak. Stand boards to dry and use a clean towel to dry utensils



Bamboo renew is a penetrating and topical mixture of natural oils and waxes that wood or bamboo absorbs to keep from staining, transferring taste, splintering or cracking.
Bamboo renew should be used dependent on use up to twice a month. Simply clean
and dry the item and wipe the bamboo renew into the item and allow to dry.



Island Bamboo offers a warranty of 1 year against defects in manufacturing. In the instance that a defect has occurred please contact us and send an image of the item, we will be happy to repair or replace it should it be deemed that the above has occurred.